Hi, I'm Aymen Rizwan!

I’m an end-to-end Product Designer currently based in Lahore, Pakistan 🇵🇰. I’m currently working as a product designer at Springboard Collaborative. I also work with some of my friends on the design agency: dli5 where we provide product design and branding services.

I'm experienced at design research, building prototypes, visual design & interaction design. My engineering background helps me empathize with technological constraints, quantitatively analyze data & build rapid prototypes to assess solutions and ideas.

Other than that I like paratha rolls 🌯, making electronic music 🎛️, and making films 🎥.

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My design portfolio


Connect Family Companion | Companion app to literacy programming

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Basheer - Teaching computational thinking to novice-technhology users

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Muse | Lessons and interactive exercises for use in school and at home

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Muawin | Micro-lending service that provides loans to small shops and corner stores

Add JJ, Teacher Companion

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Basheer | Teaching computational thinking to novice-technology users

Muawin | Designing financial technology for low-literacy users

Sabaq | Design to facilitate a better learning experience